b. 1986, HK.


Teddy was born and raised in Portland, Oregon so, as expected, his love for weird is unparalleled. He attended a French-immersion school from K-8th grade and has spoken French fluently since the age of three. Teddy often forgets how cool that is to tell people, so yes he would love to speak French to you — he appreciates you asking.

Teddy grew fond of words and phrases alike from a young age. In his third grade English class he wrote and illustrated his own graphic novel series, The Legend of CatSpy. Eight-year-old Teddy probably thought he would be directing the feature films for the CatSpy trilogy by now. Twenty-one-year-old Teddy still believes he will.

Most know Teddy as the tall, lengthy kid riding his fixed-gear around campus, however, some are privileged enough to know him as Richard Bangers, the host of a weekly radio show on KWVA, the University of Oregon’s student-run, campus radio. Mr. Bangers passion for music is rooted in his father’s love for Grover Washington’s saxophone and his mother’s obsession with John Lennon’s guitar. Richard Bangers loves to talk music, so good luck if he gets going about A Tribe Called Quest’s influence on 90s jazz rap.

Teddy’s been able to work for and with agencies, friends, and classmates that he admires and appreciates. His work is the product of a strong collaborative bond he forms with teams and their trust in his ethics. He’s excited and anxious for the future all the same.